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Jan Maly
Jan Malý
Founder of invenus

Who are we

Invenus is a independent developer collective centered around Jan Malý, a web developer with over 16 years of commercial experience. Jan boasts a strong tech background, evolving from languages like PHP to a focus on JavaScript.

Building on a rich reservoir of experience and expertise, we anticipate future growth by adding team members who share Jan's mindset. As the AI revolution unfolds, we foresee numerous development opportunities in the coming decade to help our clients expand their businesses.

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Best Experience

We've discovered that we click best with clients who have a clear vision and at least a basic technical understanding. These clients truly value the high-quality service we provide.

Our most successful collaborations have been with:

  • product owners seeking to build or maintain a project,
  • agency owners requiring client services,
  • professionals who combine vision with technical know-how.
Jan Maly

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Competitive edge

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Jan has been crafting web solutions since 2007 and has a keen understanding of what works and what doesn't. He will be your primary point of contact.

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Active collaboration

Great products stem from mutual understanding. We're not afraid to ask questions or clarify issues early on. Importantly, we're not hesitant to say "no" when necessary.

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Fair pricing

We despise hidden costs and believe in transparent, fair pricing. That's why we strive to provide upfront estimates whenever possible.

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Realistic plan and delivery

We work closely with you to establish a realistic plan and then follow through. If you value good project management, you'll love working with us. If you prefer cutting corners, we're not the right fit.

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High adaptability

We're well-versed in a broad array of project organization styles, tools, and approaches. Embracing new learning experiences on the job is simply part of our process.

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Excellent value for money

We focus on working smarter to maximize your investment. Our main goal is to provide services that deliver long-term value, making every cent you spend a worthwhile investment.


What do clients say about us

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Our origin story

Jan began his journey in commercial website development in 2007. By 2010, he co-founded Kurzor, a web development firm renowned for exceptional company websites and custom web portals. Over time, Kurzor pivoted towards providing outsourced local developers to clients mainly in the UK, US, and Europe. This period was a crucible of learning, marked by complex challenges and demanding clients. As of 2023, Kurzor was amicably dissolved, and Jan has carried on with his own brand – invenus. He continues to maintain relationships with a significant number of clients who originally worked with Kurzor.

Core values

No matter what the future holds, invenus will remain steadfast in adhering to three simple core values:

  • Honesty: We always speak the truth, regardless of its impact.
  • Reliability: When we make a commitment, we stick to it.
  • Operational agility: We avoid unnecessary processes to stay nimble.
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